Following up Kim Kardashian’s attempt to #BreakTheInternet, we rounded up the 10 best resulting memes.

This week you may have noticed that Kim Kardashian attempted to hashtag “Break the Internet” with her full frontal nude shoot for PAPERMAG. Well, breaking the Internet is not something simply done through a fashion editorial. If a semi-fictitious millennial bug wasn’t able to break it then a fully factual reality bug won’t be able to either. But thankfully the monstrosity of the moment was saved by troves of nimble-fingered photoshop enthusiasts, who lightened the dire situation with some memes poised and ready to circulate the web. We put together our 10 favorites. Check them out below.

1. The Tiered Booty

Behold, the tiered booty. As glossy as it is full, as full as it is mesmerizing. And in many ways it makes plenty more sense than Kim’s “actual” waist-to-hip ratio.

2. Homer Simpson’s Mouth Replacement

We’re only on the second meme but this could very well be the best. Who could have predicted that Kim Kardashian’s butt crack would fit so wonderfully in size, shape and color to Homer Simpson’s mouth?

3. Centaur

Kim’s extending butt was as outrageous as the concept of her being a centaur. Thankfully, this isn’t what she really looks like but she isn’t supposed to look how she really looks anyway. That’s surgery for you, kids.

4. Thanksgiving Dinner

If you’ve had more than a few tipples before Thanksgiving dinner then you probably wouldn’t look twice if this was what was brought out on a platter and served alongside cranberry sauce and stuffing. Kim Kardashian-butt shaped Turkeys – coming to a supermarket near you soon.

5. Krispy Kim

Staying in the realms of food, each Kim Kardashian butt cheek is an absolute ringer for those classic Krispy Kreme glazed doughnuts, ergo we have Krispy Kim. Did she actually use the same frosted glaze icing on her skin? We will never know.

6. The “Iconic Photo”

Thanks to Rory McCafferty for putting it into perspective what a truly iconic photo is and what deserves to be one. Who can blame them if this is all our society is remembered for in the future – it’s all we’re good for.


7. The Kim Kardashian Coffee Machine

The holy grail of Kim Kardashian PAPERMAG memes. Sure it’s just coffee, but it doesn’t look like just coffee. There’s been plenty of attempts to derail the forced, artificial sexuality of Ms. Kardashian, but none have done so with such bizarrely astute realism. Which is not something that can be said of Kim herself.

8. Chelsea Handler

American comedienne and TV show host Chelsea Handler made her feelings on the already-infamous nude shoot very clear through her Instagram account. She quickly followed up Kim Kardashian’s PAPERMAG cover with a hastily-shot selfie of her own backside in a mirror with the caption, “Can you believe more than 2 ass’ can fit on the same screen? Guess which one’s real. Your move, Instagram.”

9. Hefty Trash Bags

Dressing up Kim’s PAPERMAG cover as a packet of Hefty multipurpose heavy duty trash bags might be a cheap shot but it’s fair game when consensual nudity is involved. No, let me reword that – it’s fair game when Kim Kardashian’s consensual nudity is involved.

10. Beyonce and Jay Z in the Louvre

Beyonce and Jay Z meet their match when it comes to artificial, staged presentations of oneself here. When they went on a private family tour-cum-photoshoot round Paris’ Louvre it never received the lampooning it deserved, so I’m happy that somebody has managed to combine the two in one glorious meme.

If somehow you missed the entire incident, it’s not too late to check out the full shoot.

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