Our Affordable Alternatives series aims to bring our readers reasonably-priced versions of normally high-priced fashion items, saving you money in your ongoing pursuit of style. With travel and vacation plans on the horizon, this week we’re highlighting a selection of stylishly spacious weekender and duffle bags on the right side of $80.

Regardless of what your lifestyle may be (jet setter, gym aficionado, vagabond), a bag that’s capable of transporting as many goods as possible in one sitting will never fall short. What may fall short, however, are the financial means by which you’re able to purchase said bag – without sacrificing quality, design and functionality, that is. While it may be trickier to uncover a silk-lined, ostrich weekender under the $80 bracket, we’ve rounded up a few equally stylish options that won’t hinder your credit score nor your fashion credibility.

Check out the pieces above and head over to our Affordable Alternatives series for more reasonably-priced high fashion pieces – including all-white sneakersclassically-styled watchesbomber jacketselongated tees and selvedge denim, amongst others.

Words by Nico Amarca
Fashion Editor, North America