Cop It, Then Rock It

Our Affordable Alternatives series aims to bring our readers reasonably-priced versions of normally high-priced fashion items, saving you money in your ongoing pursuit of style. A raincoat is a wet-weather essential, and while there are myriad pieces offering highly waterproof performance these days, futuristic GORE-TEX fabrics and next-level technology often comes at a price – with outerwear from the likes of Acronym and Arc’teryx often reaching well beyond the thousand-dollar mark. With spring well underway, we’ve highlighted a set of raincoats under $100 to do you right for when the season’s showers hit – be sure to swat up on raincoats with Highsnobiety’s 4 Things to Check Before Buying a Waterproof Jacket guide while you’re at it.

Check out the pieces above and head over to our Affordable Alternatives series for more reasonably-priced high fashion pieces – including all-white sneakersclassically-styled watchesbomber jacketselongated tees and selvedge denim, amongst others.

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