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tl;dr is a weekly column on Highsnobiety written by Four Pins alumnus, Jon Moy. He kindly hopes you’ll read it more than you did Four Pins. 

There was a lot of cool stuff that happened on the internet last week. We should talk about it. In the form of a weekly column. But when I say “talk,” what I really mean is we have a one way lecture about what I thought was cool on the internet. I mean, feel free to leave a comment below, but THIS IS MY PART, SO NOBODY ELSE SPEAK.

Sometimes I think if I wasn’t an award-winning writer, fashion journalist, bon vivant, and all around cool guy, I would move to Japan and drive one of these insano trucks featured in the latest Nepenthes lookbook, and then publish a really expensive and large coffee table book about the experience. No one would buy it, but it’s cool because if you write a book that no one reads you can just blame poor sales on the general lack of taste in modern society.

Instead of trying to get a book published or do any real traveling I actually spend most of my days imagining how dope it would be to own a company like Concepts. Their latest drop features the best pair of wallabees I’ve seen in a very long time. These may be my favorite collaborative wallabees of all time. OF ALL TIME. The heel tab detail? That’s why you should give Concepts your money (perhaps not even in exchange for these shoes, just because they’re great).

I’m not sure why (multee)project has a parenthetical name but I’m not here to question the provenance of brand names. I’m here to comment that their latest lookbook is very strong and that its monochromatic nature reminds me of Picasso’s Blue Period (or, at least, that’s what the liner notes say). I enjoy the styling quite a bit. All this despite the fact that the little thumbholes on the cuffs of the sweatshirts make me think of this kid in college that always wore his sleeves pulled over his hands like that, and called my paper on Goethe “pedestrian” during our peer review session. Dick.

Do you guys enjoy ripple soles as much as I do? I hope so, for your sake. Because that love would compel you to purchase these Reeboks. Released in a series of tonal colorways, the Leather Ripple Mono is an update to the Reebok Classic. Personally I’m trying to get like six pairs of the all-white ones so I can pretend like my entire moon cycle isn’t ruined when I scuff them getting out of my car.

Despite the aforementioned risk when it comes to sneakers of the all-white variety, these Huaraches from Nike are quite nice as well. The thing about white shoes isn’t that their delicacy is a drawback, it’s just that there’s a more awkward process of breaking them in. The first couple scuffs and blemishes make it look like you’re a little clumsy, but completely destroyed white sneakers tell the world you have a really considered sense of style and are one of the few people who actually wears their footwear collection. It’s like, if I had a few more blemishes and physical defects I’d be unconventionally handsome, instead of looking like someone did a really poor job of photoshopping someone good looking.

I don’t know about you guys, but I love a deep dive into the history of slang, which is why I can often be found hurling medieval insults at unsuspecting saddlegeese on the street (see, I just did it right there). It also means I totally put off doing that thing I was supposed to do in order to listen to the latest Highsnobiety podcast, featuring the inimitable Julianne Escobedo Shepherd and Mary H.K. Choi on the etymology of ‘fuccboi’.

Shout out to Mary HK Choi for also penning probably the greatest observation on the then nascent #menswear scene ever.

See you space cowboys next week.

– Jon Moy

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