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Model/actress Emily Ratajkowski is well known for showcasing her beautiful physique in front of the camera, and has implored time and time again that she, along with women in general, simply want the ability to express their sexuality. Let’s be clear, though. Emily is more than just a pretty absolutely gorgeous face. The 25-year-old is very intelligent, undeniably well-spoken, and not afraid to voice her beliefs and opinions.

In a recent interview with Harper’s BAZAAR, Ratajkowski sat down with famed feminist author Naomi Wolf to discuss sexuality, shaming and feminism.

One of the points of interest during the interview was Emily’s much-talked-about topless Instagram photo alongside Kim Kardashian.

When we're like…we both have nothing to wear LOL @emrata

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Rata spoke on the event by saying that before she even personally knew Kim Kardashian, she found it upsetting that Kim was being ridiculed for a topless, albeit censored, photo that she had posted on Instagram in March.

“That made me really angry,” Ratajkowski exclaimed. “She wrote a few tweets responding to all the hate she was getting from this post, and then Piers said Kanye [West] had written those tweets, which also infuriated me to no end.”

Emily then went on to reveal how her support ultimately gained Kim’s attention, disclosing, “A selfie is a sort of interesting way to reclaim the gaze, right? You’re looking at yourself and taking a photo while looking at everyone. But also who cares? Kim’s allowed to do what she wants. So I issued a series of tweets; she sent me flowers, thanking me, which was very sweet. We ended up running into each other and had this idea to take a similar selfie with our middle fingers up.”

In response, interviewer Naomi Wolf replied that “I’d also love a world where women could get plenty of attention for a picture like that clothed.”

The conversation continued, delving into how every woman is indeed sexual, and that they shouldn’t be held to a different standard, say as to Justin Bieber, who can post a shirtless photo with no consequence or deathly reaction.

To read Ratajkowski’s entire conversation with Naomi Wolf for Harper’s BAZAAR, follow here.

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