It took three seasons and a lot of disgruntled op-eds from editors on the edge, but NYFW:M is finally starting to break the shackles of being considered NYFW’s frumpier, less popular and middlingly successful copycat sibling. Though the sustainability of a dedicated men’s week in New York is still being (reasonably) questioned, it’s undeniable that there is major promise in truly investing in the idea.

As the end of the week approaches and the finish line appears like an uncertain mirage on the horizon, writers and editors who have made the trek between London, Florence, Milan, Paris, and finally New York, seem to have come to the general consensus that it’s been a strong season for guys. So with everything running smoothly, and some of us still playing catch up on rest from our Monday night party in Brooklyn, we figured we’d give our fashion editor a well-deserved break and call in some reinforcement.

Since rapper Lil Durk was in town prepping for the release of his sophomore album, 2X, slated for July 22, we put the duty of fashion critic into his capable hands and sent him to Rochambeau’s SS17 show to talk style with fellow denizens of the front row.

Here is his review…

What were your initial thoughts since this is your first fashion show?

I’m not going to lie, it went by really quickly. You never realize how short they [the shows] actually are. It made me want to see more, but I still really enjoyed it for the time it was happening.

What were your first thoughts about the actual collection?

It was different than what I expected, but it takes seeing stuff like that to start thinking about how you can start dressing a little differently. There were definitely a couple of looks I would wear today straight from the runway.

You already own some Rochambeau pieces, how similar was the collection to the stuff you’ve purchased?

I definitely saw some similarities, but like I said, I also thought quite a few of the pieces looked a lot different than what I was already familiar with.

Did you feel like it was wearable?

Some of it already matches the way I dress, like the purple hoodie was definitely something I’d wear. There was also a denim jacket they styled with a scarf around the model’s head, I thought that looked really cool too.

If you could leave in one look from the collection what would it be?

It would definitely be the purple hoodie outfit.

Did you have a least favorite look?

I wouldn’t say “least favorite,” but there were a couple of things that weren’t really my style. There was this look that reminded me of a ninja, I couldn’t see myself wearing that.

Now that you’ve gone, will you be attending more shows?

Definitely, definitely. Next thing you know you’ll see me walking down the runway!

Does that mean we’ll see you modeling in the future?

For sure, why not?

Give a one word overview of the collection.


If you were in control of the show soundtrack what song would you have picked?

I Got the Keys” by DJ Khaled, Jay Z and Future.

Great, are you ready to take our fashion editor’s job now?

[laughs] No!

There you have it. Lil Durk, chart-topping rapper and fashion critic. Watch out Tim Blanks.

Words by Stephanie Smith-Strickland
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