Once upon a time, sex dolls used to be mere inflatable objects, better suited to the swimming pool than your penis, but Matt McMullen, the founder, CEO and Creative Director of RealDoll changed all that. Since 1997 he has been creating the world’s most realistic sex dolls, which start at $5,000, ones that look almost like lifeless human beings and are arguably better looking than some of the actual human beings that the average person has had sex with.

McMullen was recently the subject of one of Reddit’s ever-popular Ask Me Anything sessions, and here are some of the highlights, so you don’t have to go through the whole thing.

Do you think an AI RealDoll will ever be able to love us back?

I hope that we can at least simulate that. That’s the goal.

So…how many have you “tested”?

a few, in the early days. strictly prototypes to make sure everything worked well and felt pleasurable. Someone had to do it.

hi! first time caller. what is the strangest request you’ve ever received for a customization?

Full body Sasquatch hair. On a female doll.

How much do your dolls weigh? Does it take two people to move them?

They vary from 60lbs to 90lbs; One person can move them.

– Could we share a rowboat? Could a rowboat support her?
I think what I’m asking is very clear, would an average sized rowboat support her?

How do you think this might impact the future of relationships? — Online dating changed the landscape dramatically.

I think it will allow for an option that never existed before, and for some, may represent a happiness they never though they could have.

– :'(

What is the oddest request a customer has ever made? Maybe for something custom?

A doll with 4 breasts

2 on top of 2? or all 4 side by side? or maybe a pyramid? or like 2 on the back?

The possibilities are endless.

Do you currently own and use your products?

No, I leave my work at the office.

What inspired you to make these dolls for a living (you know, besides the obvious)?

I simply wanted to make a living as an artist, and in that I have succeeded.

– “Yes mom. Yes, I’m still selling dolls. No, not rubber people, dolls. DOLLS MOM. DOLLS! I’VE GOT TO GO MOM! I SAID, I GOTTA GO! Yes I had lunch today. No I haven’t found a woman yet. Dammit mom. It’s not because I’m preoccupied with the rubber… DOLLS mom DOLLS.”
The life of an artist.

Do your office Christmas parties involve making giant orgies with your dolls?

No we only do that on New Years Eve

Who would you say is in direct competition to you?

The human female.

– That bitch

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Words by Aleks Eror
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