Where form meets function

There has been a surprisingly large amount of customized BMW motorcycles that have popped up on our radar in recent months. First we saw an imposing concept from Turkish designer Mehmet Erdem called the BMW Titan that looks like it came right out of the Christoper Nolan Batman trilogy. This was quickly followed by another Erdem creation called the BMW Radical, which forged a disparately oblong silhouette into something sleek and futuristic. Now another remodeled BMW bike has appeared, titled the Pan Meka Motorcycle, and it puts the concept of a futuristic bike miles (or even lightyears) ahead.

This apocalyptic behemoth was created by the Argentinian workshop Pan Speed Shop, and (amazingly) is its first official creation. As a skeleton, the shop used the classic BMW K1200S and stripped away all the accoutrements to leave only the bare essentials. From here, Pan Speed reframed the initial plastic construction into one of raw steel and new exhaust designed from scratch. Those touches in itself are enough to create a futuristic aesthetic, but from here the shop added touches like a digital dash, push button controls and automatic Xenon day lights. The whole thing comes across as something straight out of the hellscapes of Mad Max: Fury Road, but in the best way possible.

For more info on the Pan Meka Motorcycle, be sure to check out Pan Speed Shop’s website.

In other vehicular news,’s insanely sleek custom Tesla S was recently spotted swerving through Beverly Hills.

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