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Despite summer being the official time for everyone to put their energies toward relaxing, QWSTION has been keeping itself busy. Earlier in the season, the Swiss-based accessories brand debuted a new version of its classic backpack that could transform into a tote bag in literal seconds, all while maintaining the brand’s signature minimalist aesthetic.

And this is all taking place as it readies its second official flagship store in Vienna, following its first-ever in hometown Zurich. But it turns out that QWSTION had another surprise up its sleeve: a collaborative set of bags made with the designer-duo huber egloff.

The brand’s focus on essentialism in its design proved to be a perfect match for huber egloff, a brand that thrives on the element of contrast in its work. The collaboration between the two has resulted in a sleek update to the QWSTION backpack wrought in organic black leather, and it’s big enough to hold your standard laptop plus accoutrements.

And to top it off, the collaborative line also produced a brand new hip bag, essentially a high-class version of the fanny-pack trend sweeping the youth of Europe. It’s available in two separate colors: a black leather and a moonshine silver.

Both sets of the all new QWSTION x huber egloff hip bag and their special update on the classic QWSTION backpack are available now on the brand’s online store.

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Words by Jake Boyer
Music Editor
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