Apple launched its latest operating system, iOS 10, earlier this week, and with it introduced a host of new enhancements.

Undoubtedly one of the most anticipated features in the run up to the drop was the ability to run apps inside iOS’s native messaging client, iMessage. The move allows users to customize and utilize their conversations like never before with the use of stickers, GIFs, games, e-payments and a whole lot more without ever leaving the chat.

When opening the iMessage app for the first time after upgrading to iOS 10 it can be a little overwhelming, but thanks to the guys over at Wired we’ve got a handy list detailing which apps we should try out first. Most of them are free, but some will cost you a couple of bucks – here’s the 11 best iMessage apps to download right now.

GIF Keyboard


Search for GIFs and drop them straight into your chats. The possibilities are endless.

Super Mario Run Stickers


Apple made a big song and dance at the iPhone launch last week about the fact everyone’s favorite princess-saving, Japanese-Italian plumber is now on iOS. Unsurprisingly, then, it has also made him available to invade your iMessage chats at your beck and call, too.

Star Wars Stickers


Stickers can be used as either stand-alone emoji, or as overlays on top of photos. This Star Wars sticker pack allows you to send winking Landos or plonk stormtrooper helmets on your loved ones.

Square Cash


Send cash to your friends straight through iMessage.

Words with Friends


Start new games with anyone on your contact list and play away to your heart’s content, all within a chat.



Part-time Edward Snowden? Morally-bankrupt serial cheater? Confide protects your conversations with end-to-end encryption. It also has screenshot protection and a feature that deletes messages after they’ve been read.



The sports giant’s new app lets you send your friends scores from specific games and play highlights directly in the text messaging keyboard.

The Weather Channel


Drop a daily forecast or a weekend forecast into any chat. Handy for those weekend plans you’re arranging.



Share your current location and directions on how to get their with ease.

Open Table


Search for restaurants near you and book reservations, within iMessage.



Create simple polls quickly and easily. It’s best in group conversations to help you and your friends finally decide on which bar your meeting at tonight.

Here’s five more hidden iOS 10 features you need to know about.

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