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Sure he’s busy shooting a campaign for H&M’s upcoming collaboration with KENZO, but that does’t mean Chance The Rapper doesn’t have time for the studio. But to hear him tell it in a new video interview with POWER FM, he hasn’t been recording a followup to this year’s Coloring Book on his own. Apparently we can expect an extensive collaboration with Kanye West sometime in the near future, one that may turn into (dare we hope) a full album.

The collaboration in question is currently rumored to be Good Ass Job, a working title that has been thrown around on several of Kanye’s previous albums. But it seems like it may finally be seeing the light of day thanks to some help from Chance. “It’s something that comes up in conversation every once in a while,” he says during the interview, “We definitely have at least two songs I could say I know would be on Good Ass Job.”

Kanye and Chance have been having a highly fruitful year. Chance stole every bit of the spotlight on The Life of Pablo “Ultralight Beam,” and Kanye returned the favor by appearing on the first track of Chance’s Coloring Book. Once Kanye finishes that collaborative album with Drake we’ve been hearing so much about, this could be the stuff of gospel-inflected hip-hop dreams.

Stay tuned to see what Chance & Kanye goodness could come next. In the meantime, stream his excellent mixtape Coloring Book below via Spotify:

In other music news, Ty Dolla $ign released his long-awaited full-length project Campaign, which features guest spots from everyone to Future to Wiz Khalifa.

Words by Jake Boyer
Music Editor
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