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Elon Musk officially unveiled the Model 3 back in March, resulting in a public frenzy and hysteria. But now topping that, Musk has revealed the second portion of the unveiling, and it’s a tech wonder. Musk announced that all Tesla cars, including the Model 3, will be produced with all necessary components to achieve full self-driving in the future starting today.

According to Tesla, its self-driving program features “a safety level substantially greater than that of a human driver” and will require nothing more than a simple software update at some point in the future for implementation. The hardware required to make the update possible includes an array of sensors and eight optical cameras, which will be capable of reacting to 250 meters around the sides of the vehicles, as well a dozen ultrasonic sensors to assist the optical system. Additionally, a new onboard computer with over 40 times processing power of the current Tesla hardware will be provided for strengthened processing of the inbound data from the new cameras.

Last August, Musk was quoted as saying “It’ll come sooner than people think,” regarding the new technology, and this was just one of the many updates concerning the new tech this year. Be sure to stay tuned for more exciting updates.

Words by Marcus Cho
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