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Last night, on Halloween night naturally, Desiigner shared a music video for his song “Zombie Walk” featuring King Savage. And keeping in line with holiday traditions, the rapper created a literal translation of the song title into an epic, 10-minute short film about a night of the living dead.

The music video begins with Desiigner rushing to make it to a house party, conveniently located at a spooky mansion in the middle of nowhere in the woods. And like in any great horror movie, his car breaks down and he is forced to hitchhike with a hillbilly trucker. A hillbilly trucker who suddenly develops a rabid appetite for human flesh. What follows is a true night of terror that even splits into animated form for segments of the video.

“Zombie Walk” is one of the many stellar tracks to appear on Desiigner’s debut mixtape New English, released earlier this year. Said tape also includes the ubiquitous hit “Panda,” while his other hit “Tiimmy Turner” is expected to appear on his upcoming proper full-length The Life of Desiigner, due to arrive sometime this year.

Stream Desiigner’s debut mixtape New English below:

In other music news, Big Sean has shared the new single “Bounce Back,” his second release in a single day. Listen to it right here.

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