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If you still haven’t come to terms with last week’s shocking election result, then be sure to approach the above album with caution.

As Barack Obama gets ready to bid goodbye to the White House after eight years, Chief Official White House Photographer Pete Souza has shared some of his favorite and most candid snaps from the POTUS’s time in charge. While Obama appears lighthearted and carefree in some photographs, in others the strain of the job is evident, with his appearance visibly altering throughout the years. Prince George of England, B.B. King, and a mischievous Jerry Seinfeld are just some of the big names to appear throughout the gallery but, as ever, it’s Obama the family man who steals the show. You’ll be missed, Barry.

Check out some of the best photos above, and then head over to Women’s Weekly for the full selection.

Once you’re done browsing, why not take a tour inside Obama’s White House?

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