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Today, full-time rapper and part-time sweater maker, 2 Chainz, announced that he was taking ugly Christmas sweaters to a truly hedonistic and pricey new level. The enterprising entertainer partnered with Avianne & Co. jewelers to produce the “most expensivest” Christmas-themed garment the majority of us have ever laid eyes on. The sweater in question comes with a staggering price tag of $90,000, along with what will probably end up being a healthy dose of buyer’s remorse once the holiday season ends.

So you’re probably wondering, why is dabbin’ Santa so damn expensive?

Interested buyers have Avianne to thank for that. The celebrity favorite turned what was once a plain cotton pullover into a gold and diamond covered masterpiece just waiting to be mercilessly meme-d into Twitter purgatory. Featuring 250 grams of Santa-shaped gold and sprinkled with 50-carats worth of diamonds, the sweater seems like just the type of thing to spark rows about the disgusting levels of consumerism that plague holidays.

However, proceeds from the Santa sweaters won’t be dabbin’ there way into 2 Chainz’s pockets. Instead, the money will be donated to his charity, the T.R.U. Foundation, a nonprofit that focuses on enriching Southside Atlanta, where 2 Chainz is originally from. It’s certainly an over-the-top concept but if Nordstrom can sell rocks in pouches with no irony, who are we to complain about a $90,000 ugly Christmas sweater?

If you’ve got the cash you can purchase one of your own via the 2 Chainz Shop.

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