Tune in and turn up

We already knew that 2 Chainz will sweat out a weave in a heartbeat, but apparently he’s also willing to steal a cougar wife or two. At least that’s the setup of a new 7UP commercial starring the Atlanta rapper.

Rather than advertising a humble soft drink sans shenanigans, 7UP opted to craft a story around a paisley and pastel tone-wearing suburban married couple who somehow end up on the yacht of a famous rapper with a taste for the world’s most expensivest shit. Unfortunately, the husband winds up on the lap of a burly security guard, while his wife – 7UP spritzer in hand – ends up on 2 Chainz’s lap.

From there, much to the husband’s chagrin, the rapper proceeds brag about owning a helicopter. Take a look above – it’s a fun little 30-second diversion for a Thursday afternoon.

2 Chainz also recently revealed the title for his upcoming project, watch the announcement below and read more about the project here.

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