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New York’s New Museum is currently hosting Raymond Pettibon’s “A Pen of All Work,” the largest presentation of the artist’s work ever assembled, and his first major museum survey in the city.

The showcase occupies the three main floors of the museum and includes over 800 drawings, self-produced ‘zines and flyers from the American artist, as well as gallery-specific installations.

Readers may remember Pettibon from his 2014 collaboration with Supreme, and earlier work with UNDFTD and Nike, but he first gained notoriety in the flourishing Los Angeles punk scene of the 1980s. The artist’s irreverent thematic vision, visual style and voice gradually made him a pivotal figure in American contemporary art.

Notably, Pettibon proposed the name and logo for the infamous band Black Flag, which would become an iconic symbol of subversion and counterculture. Visitors are in fact greeted with the band’s “four-bars” logo as they take the elevator up to the gallery spaces.

The artist’s iconoclastic blend of writing and illustration ties together an immense body of work whose subject matter ranges from surfing to critiques of politics, war crime and religion. Whether his work addresses baseball, family life, drugs or rebellion, Pettibon’s work feels familiar and undeniably emblematic of American culture.

“A Pen of All Work” will be on display until April 9.

New Museum
235 Bowery
New York, NY

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