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Seminal Parisian electronic music label Ed Banger Records is celebrating its 100th release next Friday, May 12, and in true Ed Banger fashion will make a well-deserved ruckus about it. Featuring 17 exclusive and unreleased tracks from essential Ed Banger artists like Mr. Oizo, Breakbot, SebastiAn, and more.

We’ve got the exclusive on a straight banger from the compilation — a Boys Noize remix of Justice’s “Randy”. The OG track is from the French duo’s full length titled Woman, which came out last year. For his reimagining of “Randy,” Boys Noize expertly cuts up and filters the vocals of the original, adding a supremely filthy bassline, and extra percussion to render it more than ready for the dancefloor.

We were also lucky enough to catch up with Busy P — A&R, DJ, producer, former manager of Daft Punk, and most importantly the guy who founded Ed Banger Records back in 2003. Check out our Q&A with him below and get lost in the video featuring an Ed Banger Pinball machine conceived by the label’s visual mastermind, So Me.

For the 100th Ed Banger Records release, you decided to do a compilation rather than a release from just one artist. Was there any specific criteria you gave to the Ed Banger artists you asked to participate?

I just asked the artists to give me a track that they were working on at the moment. I wanted something very contemporary, something that really reflects 2017, to show to the world that we are still musically relevant but at the same time don’t follow any trends. We managed to create our own sound in 2006 and even earlier.

Music is very important to me but I also feel very close to skateboard culture. I skateboarded a lot when I was younger and skateboarding is still very important in my life. What I’ve taken from skateboard culture, street culture and subculture in general is not following trends. We do what we want and what we like, and if people like us, it’s good, and if they don’t follow us we keep doing our thing.

Tell us about the cover of the Ed Rec 100 compilation, was that completely So Me’s concept or did you have some input?

So Me always has total freedom and complete control of what he’s doing. Especially when he’s putting my face on the cover. Funny, if I had knew [sic] before I would’ve maybe asked him not to. He’s got the key to the car.

Do you have a favorite track on the compilation?

It’s hard to choose. But if I have to, I’ll choose the intro from Mr. Oizo, which we called “Ed Rec 100”, this is where he’s announcing everybody on the compilation. I really like the hip-hop beat, and the track is a good compilation of everything.

What’s your favorite Justice track?

My new favorite Justice track is from the new album Woman, it’s called “Stop.”

And your favorite Boys Noize track?

“Kontact Me” from his 2009 album Power. It’s the perfect link between the heavy and percussive sound of Boys Noize from his early days and his modern productions.

Ed Rec 100 drops Friday, May 12. Get more information and preorder it right here.

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