Where form meets function

South Korean-based company BrilliantTS introduces the Fuze Card — the world’s thinnest all-in-one smartcard that incorporates all of the cards in your wallet into a single secure smartcard — whether it’s gift cards, credit cards, debit cards, loyalty cards or just about every type.

Able to incorporate up to 30 cards into one single encrypted chip, the Fuze Card essentially mimics a regular card and it’s just as thin, measuring in at 0.03 inches. In terms of security, the card can be linked to your smartphone through an app, which allows you to delete all of your personal information should it be stolen or lost. Additionally, the card tracks your location and auto-locks when you’re too far away to prevent it from unauthorized usage.

Boasting a month-long battery life, and comes with a portable power bank that holds one extra charge for travel, the thin smartcard is also highlighted by its e-paper display, which allows you to select any loaded card by scrolling through with the push of a button.

Jaehun Bae, CEO at BrilliantTS, expressed “The journey began in the early 2000’s when I co-founded CrucialTec. We were the only company to successfully miniaturize optical mouse tech into a small module as big as your fingernail. We further developed that technology to develop fuze card, which packs so much tech in a 0.03 in thick device.’

With the ability to use it anywhere traditional plastic cards are accepted, learn how the Fuze Card works below and you can pre-order one now here.

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