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For his latest work, Brooklyn-based artist Jordan Griska unveils “Wreck,” a creative interpretation of what a car would look like after an accidental crash.

Creating a perfect replication of a Mercedes-Benz S550, the life-size sculpture is disjointedly constructed from sections of highly polished pieces of stainless steel to evoke the wrecked aesthetic — influenced by fatality wreckage and online pictures of crashes.

In order to produce the disjointed art piece, Griska translated the vehicle’s design in 3D modeling without losing the resemblance to the car, and constructed by mirrored pieces that were precisely laser cut to seamlessly fit together.

Perfectly representing the juxtaposition of luxury with the brutality of destruction — the piece also takes influence from Andy Warhol’s colored “Car Crash” serigraphs, combining both the digital and physical, and the sterile nature of stainless steel with the disorder of the fragmented car.

Got to check up on my sculpture "Wreck" this week. Looks better then I remember ✨✨

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Words by Renz Ofiaza
Staff Writer

scribbling by day, architect by night

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