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Another week, another bounty of delectable music. Though we have been given tastes of their respective full-lengths out today, both Tyler, The Creator and Lana Del Rey had far more surprises in store than their previously shared singles. We’ve also been blessed with the grooviest thing Vic Mensa has ever released, an 11-minute sonic epic from Nine Inch Nails, and some truly fantastic pairings from the likes of A$AP Twelvyy with mentor Rocky, Little Simz with the one and only Bibi Bourelly and a truly epic collaboration from Chance The Rapper and Young Thug.

These are the Best Tracks of the Week:

A$AP Twelvyy – “Diamonds” ft. A$AP Rocky

Expertly using a sample from one of the most soulful indie-pop tunes of the decade to fit the iconic A$AP sound, this track promises great things from the debut of Twelvyy. And it never hurts to have Flacko himself on hand.

Chance The Rapper – “Big B’s” ft. Young Thug

That Chance. The rap game’s sunniest, smiliest rapper took it upon himself to address the SoundCloud crisis by dropping a summer jam with Young Thug so chill it actually lowers your heart rate (proven with fact). How nice of him.

Conducta – “Come & Go” ft. Alyss

When we premiered this track this week, we knew we had something special on our hands. Conducta’s prowess as an idiosyncratic producer increases tenfold with this piece of UK garage that transcends the genre’s trappings. And bonus points for that gorgeous Alyss hook.

Lana Del Rey – “Beautiful People Beautiful Problems” ft. Stevie Nicks

So we have Lana Del Rey, the high-priestess of radio-friendly witch-pop, uniting with one of her heroes, the bona fide rock icon (and probably actual witch) Stevie Nicks, and you need us to try and convince you to listen to it? Stop now, just press play.

Laraaji – “Instrospection”

It’s rare that you find an artist who is described as an actual mystic, but Laraaji isn’t like that many other artists, is he? The latest piece of music from the revered multi-instrumentalist is less a song and more of a soundtrack to a meditative journey through a cave of mind crystals.

Little Simz – “Customz” ft. Bibi Bourelly

If it’s unstoppable girl-power you need in your life, then look no further. Little Simz’ latest banger has been given a serious assist in the form of “Bitch Betta Have My Money” composer Bibi Bourelly, which naturally turns the whole track into a sonic form of saying “Do not fuck with me.”

Nine Inch Nails – “The Background World”

Is this 11-minute epic the culmination of everything Nine Inch Nails have produced in the twilight years of their decade plus career or just a lot of static noise? Only you can decide, but what is indisputable is that this song is an event.

Oneohtrix Point Never – “Leaving the Park”

Written as part of the score for an upcoming film titled Good Time, this little gem from Oneohtrix Point Never is a thrilling guided tour through every one of the producer’s strengths. Which are namely, ambient swirl, evocative electro and colossal crashes of noise all in one.

Tyler, The Creator – “I Ain’t Got Time!”

Tyler’s latest opus may be the best work of his career since his debut, masterfully combining his unique ear for instrumentation. No better example can be found than in “I Ain’t Got Time!,” a spindly, ever-shifting jam assisted by everything from handclaps to accordion-like synths. It’s a keeper, to say the least.

Vic Mensa – “Wings” ft. Pharrell Williams & Saul Williams

The Williams features should clue you into what makes this track work: like the wings of its title, it glides. Mensa’s debut album has freshly arrived but it already seems fair to say that this song is one of its highest peaks.

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Words by Jake Boyer
Music Editor
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