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Warning: spoilers below

Game of Thrones fans on Reddit have found the show’s most indestructible character — and you’ve likely never noticed him before.

The unnamed extra has been part of both Stannis and Jon Snow’s armies, even shouting “THE KING IN THE NORTH!” at the latter.

[MAIN SPOILERS] The Soldier who keeps fighting lives on?? from gameofthrones

Of course, it being Game of Thrones, nothing is overlooked, so it would be wrong if the soldier’s survival failed to make sense within the wider story. Luckily, it does. Here, Reddit user “Cherry-Shrimp” explains:

Thankfully, internet sleuths have uncovered who the mysterious warrior is. It turns out he’s a Game of Thrones super fan named Andrew, who lives in Belfast, Northern Ireland. Of course, the show is largely filmed around those parts, making him an ideal choice to stand in as an extra.

When he’s not miraculously surviving bloody battles, Andrew works as a Game of Thrones tour guide who takes the occasional fan selfie.

In other news, HBO shows, including Game of Thrones, are at risk from a cyber attack.

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