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For our latest Highsnobiety Travel installment, photographer Lester Jones gets caught up in the oddly ordered chaos of bustling Hong Kong.

Explaining the meaning behind his trip, Jones said:

“This story is designed to document what Hong Kong is in 2017. The people, the places, the sights: they all help contribute to this vision, but for this unique location, I needed to dig deeper.

To understand, explain and quantify Hong Kong is no easy feat.

Areas such as Sham Shui Po represent an essence of old world charm, while the glitz and luxury of high-end shopping center meccas like Kowloon and Central offer a more clinical and contemporary representation.

The quietly developing area of Sheung Wan is a good place to gain an insight into what Hong Kong’s essence is and can be. This notoriously traditional area is the site of temples and local trade (it was and continues to be the home of many of Hong Kong’s coffin makers), yet it is embracing innovation and development in a measured way.

Still showcasing a local look and feel, the area is also displaying an elegance and vibrancy that embraces signs of modernity: art galleries, cafes and boutique businesses are thriving.

The Hong Kong millennials are key in this process. They have only known the post-handover world and are keen to help Hong Kong evolve into what they want and hope it can become.

Through creativity, endeavor and enterprise, this generation has the drive and vision to help redefine Hong Kong’s present and future.”

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