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Conor McGregor and Floyd Mayweather’s big showdown is a little over a week away, and hype and speculation surrounding the fight is reaching fever pitch. We’ve already had leaked sparring footage, attempted rule changes, and not-so-discreet humble brags, but now we’ve got an inside look at McGregor’s training regime.

Sky Sports recently sat down with McGregor’s team, who offered up a telling insight into the Irishman’s attempts to become a boxer good enough and fit enough to beat one of the sport’s greatest ever fighters. Check out some choice quotes below.

On training…

Intense late night work with the team on the @conormcgregorfast conditioning program.

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“We’re training five-and-a-half or six days a week,” said Julian Dalby, the sports scientist who oversees the ‘McGregor F.A.S.T Extreme performance training plan’. “It stands for Fighter Anaerobic System of Training. It combines high-intensity aerobic training with continuous, endurance training so it’s ideally suited to MMA but also lends itself to boxing.

“The fitness required for boxing is not radically different to MMA. It isn’t a 100m sprint compared to middle-distance running. There are more strikes thrown in boxing than MMA so it’s a more continuous power output. MMA requires higher anaerobic peak outputs for takedowns.”

On his diet…

Refuelling after a great practice today with @bsnsupplements! #FinishFirst #ad

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“On an average day, he eats nine times,” McGregor’s nutritionist George Lockhart tells Sky Sports. “It’s insane how amazing his body is looking. We give him 4,000 calories a day because he expends so much energy.

“We give the body what it needs, when it needs it. If Conor has a highly anaerobic day we give him more carbs. There are certain times he needs more fat or more carbs, and we give it to him. Everything we do is geared towards performance.

“There’s no cheat meals. If you’re driving a Lamborghini you only put top-rated fuel into that car.”

On skills training and weight loss…


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“Conor improves on a daily basis. The Conor of today is better than the Conor of yesterday,” his coach Owen Roddy told Sky Sports. “He gets better every day, every week.

“Typically Conor does skills-based training early in the day, then conditioning training later so he doesn’t have to hold back. Traditionally an athlete might do both together so they hold back.

“We do a slow, steady drop so he doesn’t lose any muscle,” said George Lockhart. “With boxing we don’t want a big weight cut because size doesn’t have too much of an impact. In MMA, with the wrestling and grappling, size plays a bigger role so our weight cut is bigger.”

Head over to Sky Sports to read the piece in full.

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