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Tokyo-based architecture firm TNA, helmed by Makoto Takei and Chie Nabeshima, has unveiled a proposed plan that could be implemented on the Spanish region of Matarraña. In hopes to populate the landscape with small resort-style dwellings, courtesy of French developer Christian Bourdais and his solo projects initiative, the structure’s aesthetic is essentially an upside down concrete pyramid that has been partially sunken into the rural terrain.

Large rectangular cutouts are seen on sides of the home to provide daylight and ventilation, while internal living spaces are organized around a series of platforms, set at different heights. Since the topography is sloping, guests enter at the dwelling’s intermediate story — an elevated platform that overlooks the dining area at a lower level that also reveals a large window overlooking the surrounding forest.

A passageway provides access to the adjacent kitchen and pantry, with another set of staircases leading to a separate mezzanine, that also features a living room and overlooks to the level below.

Three bedrooms are joined by a lounge at the larger uppermost story, with all four rooms sharing a direct connection with a centrally positioned swimming pool, however, earlier design concepts showcase the exterior renderings of the project with a pool adjacent to the property.

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Words by Renz Ofiaza
Staff Writer

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