Have you ever been holed up, watching a particularly dark and depressing episode of Black Mirror before stopping to wonder why you put yourself through the emotional rollercoaster that is every episode of the show ever?

YouTuber Nerdwriter1 asked himself that question too, but went one step further and answered it in the form of a video essay exploring tragic catharsis and how Black Mirror differs from other shows on TV.

He explores Aristotle’s claim that that tragedy, especially in art, serves as a form of catharsis. Tragic catharsis is meant to purge feelings of fear and pity, however, Black Mirror seems to be a parade of senseless tragedies – senseless being the keyword – therefore denying viewers that cathartic effect.

That is what makes Black Mirror so much bleaker than other tragic shows and perhaps why we continue to watch, even though we know nothing good awaits us.

Watch above.

In other news, Action Bronson is getting his own late-night cooking show.

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