Most would find it tough growing up in the shadows of a father like reputable artist Futura, but Timothy McGurr, better known by his 13thWitness moniker, quickly carved his own path by becoming a whiz with the camera. 13thWitness has worked with the likes of Nike, Stance, Kanye West and Beyonce, among countless others, as he has an uncanny knack for capturing breathtaking photographs.

Business Insider recently caught up with the respected photographer to get some insight on his wildest photography adventures as well as Instagram, how he got into the game and his travels to India.

In speaking on the new wave of capturing aerial shots from inside of a helicopter, McGurr detailed one such particular experience of his: "[We fly with] doors open, harnessed in. There are a lot of people who [are] literally hanging out, letting the harness hold them. I would never do that. I want to be in the helicopter looking out, but I don't ever want to feel like [the] harness is holding me. I want to be holding myself. It's like riding a roller coaster."

He then went on to discuss one of his craziest adventures while shooting the Hell's Gate Bridge in New York, saying "I went there with a bunch of people and we climbed up onto the tracks and there's a high-speed train that [goes across it]. It's kind of a tricky spot when you get [up] there because you have about 10 or 15 minutes of walking before the tracks split up and you've got some room to go on each side. At the beginning its very narrow, and you're elevated on a bridge so you either have to jump off, or you have to hang on. This one time, the train came and we had to jump off and hold on to the side. The train was passing by so fast I remember my eardrums pretty much popped. That was really scary only because I had friends of mine come [along] and one of them brought his girlfriend. I felt really guilty for that because we were all in big danger at that point."

For more on the photography adventures of 13thWitness, be sure to follow on over to Business Insider.

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