On the latest episode of Most Expensivest, 2 Chainz links up with comedian Hannibal Buress and the legendary Tommy Chong to partake in a luxurious marijuana-infused meal.

The fellas are in turn treated to everything from a medicated Z Juice ($20 USD) to $500 USD mac ‘n cheese, chicken wings that go for $20 USD a wing, asparagus ($75 USD per pound), crab legs ($275 USD per pound), and lobster tails that run $525 USD each.

While partaking of the infused cuisine, Buress then begins to ramble on about how many chains 2 Chainz feels like he should wear, chicken and waffles being overrated, and much more.

In short, press play above to check it out.

For more, see 2 Chainz drop a cool $2,500 USD on a cocktail.

Not NYC, not LA.

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