Iconic Los Angeles brands 424 and STAMPD dropped their second collaboration in Hong Kong on Tuesday. The 8-piece capsule of jerseys and tracksuits pays homage to basketball and a clean Californian aesthetic, which you can see below.

The collab launched exclusively at I.T. Hong Kong. During the launch party we caught up with founder of 424, Guillermo Andrade and Chris Stamp, founder of STAMPD, to discuss how their two styles come together — via a shared appreciation of ’90s movies — and recognizing basketball players as the OG sportswear icons.

On the idea/inspiration behind the collaboration

"Taking classic movies from our childhoods, like He Got Game and White Man Can't Jump and smashing them together and talking about basketball as the focus. Basketball players have always been so fresh, players like Iverson, Jordan and Gary Payton, I mean, you name it."

"So if you grew up in the States at that time, I would say basketball players are as high up there as pop stars. As far as the style was concerned, these guys really were the most stylish people not only in clothing but in their attitude."

"Iverson, in particular, was like the dark side. Rappers wanted to be Iverson."

– Guillermo Andrade

"Guillermo and I worked on something about four years ago. It was the first small capsule that we put together. We'd been talking, over the last couple years ... Because that one did really well, we wanted to do something else. We'd been talking about who would be the right partner in the Asian market to work with, and IT has been my exclusive distribution partner for the last four or five years now. They came to mind, and we were chatting with them, and they just ended up being perfect for this collection."

"We were talking about southern California sports. We were talking basketball in Venice Beach. We were talking about He Got Game. There is a bunch of 1990s references, especially from the styling perspective, that we wanted to bring in. I think it's such a big thing, going into the summer in southern California, this is a classic reference and classic style, so we wanted to incorporate that into this collection."

– Chris Stamp

On Michael Jordan

"I still vaguely remember watching Jordan play. You know? Kids don't get to see that now. And those moments they kind of stick with you even if you're not a professional basketball player. The attitude and the style were always very influential to all of the culture around me."

– Guillermo Andrade

On the Trail Blazers reference

"I've always really loved the color palette. The black, red and the white are just by default and also they're 424's colors. There's a strong sense of graphic element too on the diagonal stripes. I always really loved it. It looks so uniform. It looks so academy, militant but at the same time very masculine."

– Guillermo Andrade

On the fits of the garments and the collaboration of the two brands

"I tend to make clothes more oversized and just more loose, more sportswear, more easy. I mean, we just kind of smacked it right in the middle (in reference to STAMPD's fit). Chris was born and raised in Southern California. I'm from the Bay. It's just a different attitude that we both have towards each other. For us to actually come together and do a project is already kind of unlikely. You know? Usually, people from the Bay don't really get along with people from L.A. So that's cool. And I've always been more of a New York junkie than I have been Venice, L.A. Beach junkie. So that's where the Venice references come from that but the New York oversized, cutoff shirt with the hoodie, that's from He Got Game, and that's a movie I really love. So it really is those two different ideas blended together.

– Guillermo Andrade 

"We definitely have different aesthetics, but I think there's a lot of things that cross over, and with this, we worked on silhouettes that we both agreed would be good for the initial inspiration of ’90s-inspired, southern California sportswear. Starting on that basis, it made it a lot easier for us to pull together the collection."

"We met in the middle there. We kind of bridged both fits. We talked about some of the fits that I have in line, some of the fits that he has, and whatever worked for that piece, we put together ... whatever was best."

– Chris Stamp

On the installation

"I thought that it would be cool if we could make it into almost like the NBA Jam Arcade. So I kinda wanted you to feel like you're stepping into the pinball machine. We also drew the idea from Dave & Buster's!"

– Guillermo Andrade

The exclusive STAMPD x 424 FAIRFAX SS18 collection is available at I.T Kingston Street, Hong Kong. Those trying to cop in the U.S. can expect a reserved release of the collection at FourTwoFour on Fairfax and Stampd LA.

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