It was back in 2,000 when ACRONYM's Errolson Hugh went to W.L. Gore seeking advice on how to develop their first product. "[They] told me that there was only one factory capable of making what I wanted," said Hugh. "That was Tilak.”

After designing a well-received capsule for the brand, ACRONYM was invited to put a fresh spin on the underrated Czech label's Evolution jacket, first released in the '90s. From there, something beautiful was born, and the relationship has held out to this day (Tilak's Poutink lifestyle line is co-designed by Hugh). To mark 20 years of innovating, the pair come together for a special anniversary edition of the ice jacket that started it all.

Limited to just 200 pieces worldwide, the new Evolution jacket (their fourth iteration so far) contains all the technical wizardry we've come to expect from ACRONYM — just, it might not be obvious at first glance. According to Hugh, this year's edition, which boasts breathable GORE-TEX PRO, was constructed with a focus on minimizing the footprint and construction, meaning the magic resides within the details. "It starts with excellent fabric and then moves into design, freedom of movement, and workmanship, coming together in YKK's water-resistant Aquaguard zippers," says Hugh. "These five things have defined the evolution of the jacket over the past 20 years." One highlight worthy of special mention is the hood, which features a hinge that allows it to be adjusted around the face. It's the kind of canny design that ACRONYM devotees will love.

“We don’t release a new generation until we know we can create a better one – that can take three or four years,” said Tilak founder and CEO Roman Kamler, while Hugh added, "The way we design is always about evolution, finding totally new ideas and then incrementally improving them over the years." Maybe the past does define the future after all.

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