Nintendo released the latest installment in its critically acclaimed and commercially successful franchise Animal Crossing just over a week ago on March 20, 2020. Like previous iterations in the series, Animal Crossing: New Horizons sees players living a carefree, tranquil life on an island with anthropomorphic residents who are always happy to cross paths. The goal, if there is any, is to cultivate a strong sense of community with a bustling economy and friendly relations between all of its residents. However, one thing that generally doesn't play a part in either of these things (but serves as one of many mechanics that add to the game's endless playability) is its simple yet expansive customization offerings.

By using the game's design editor, New Horizons has unexpectedly become the perfect medium for getting off fits, no doubt fueled by the coronavirus pandemic, which has people around the world stranded indoors with few ways of expressing their style to an audience outside their home and immediate social network. These custom designs now appear on everything from clothing and footwear to accessories and homewares.

@animalcrossingfashionarchive was among the first to start documenting this trend, launching the channel and posting early looks just days after the release of the game. Curated by fashion photographer Kara Chung, the channel showcases user-submitted characters outfitted in digital versions of fashion and streetwear staples from brands like Off-White™, Nike, Acne Studios, Noah, Prada and much more.

One of the internet's biggest streetwear communities, r/streetwear, has even gotten in on the action, starting threads to show off designs and encourage others to do the same. A quick scroll on the subreddit's front page reveals intricate creations like a Valentino x UNDERCOVER oversized coat and a VLONE tee, the latter of which island resident Hugh even acknowledged.

Face masks, long a popular contagion minimizer/fashion accessory in Asia, have even broken into the virtual world, becoming one of the most talked-about accessories on social media and inspiring articles from video game publications like Polygon.

To inspire you to get in on the action and start designing your own virtual flex, we've rounded up some of our favorite looks below. Scroll down to see them all and download the game from Once you've downloaded your copy, use the in-game editor to make your own designs or use this online version, which allows you to upload designs to your game via a QR code.

If You Know You Know

Twitter user @7zarc recreated Issey Miyake's iconic cargo bomber, previously worn by late comic legend Robin Williams and rapper Playboi Carti.

Spring Patchwork

Instagram user @eriktangly went full-on color-blocking, recreating a Sandy Liang fleece and pairing it with a striped beanie and what looks to be Saint Laurent SL/10 sneakers.

Cozy Beast

Twitter user and r/streetwear member @miss_jasbutts came through with a Supreme box logo hoodie, Carhartt beanie and Off-White™ diagonal arrows hoodie, pairing these pieces with black sweats and orange Vans Slip-Ons.

Schoolboy Chic

Easily a highlight from the first wave of fits posted by @animalcrossingfashionarchive, Jason sports a Noah NY cap, Maison Kitsuné sweater and Converse Chuck Taylor All Stars. The shaggy hair and round glasses really tie it all together.

Sk8r Boy, See Ya Later Boy

Skate and streetwear favorite Palace hasn't been left out of the mix as the Palace x Ralph Lauren Skate polo bear sweater gets paired with a Carhartt beanie, Uniqlo U cargo pants and red Converse Chuck Taylor All Stars.


Among the most original looks we've come across so far, reddit user negativewaterslide posted this fitspo pic before New Horizons released, suggesting this outfit came from a previous iteration of the game.

The Sweater of the Future

u/Marchives_ came through with this digital version of Dior's technical sweater, originally done in collaboration with Japanese artist Hajime Sorayama.

Whole Crew Out Here

Instagram user @jerryhahaa brought the crew to the yard to flex all at once. We can likely expect an IRL version of this shot once the coronavirus pandemic dies down and people can get together once more.

Varsity Blues

For the subtle luxury flex, peep this Virgil Abloh-designed Louis Vuitton varsity jacket paired with a small sidebag and cropped trousers.

Fit Ain't Enough

u/W000DY went all-in, decorating his house with album covers from musicians like Kanye West and Frank Ocean, then pairing his musical tastes with a clean AF outfit.

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