As the Apple Card launch draws closer, more details about the upcoming credit card are coming to light. Yesterday, Goldman Sachs, Apple's official creditor, posted the card’s customer agreement to its website, revealing all the fine details and some unique restrictions for use.

One significant detail that emerged is the Apple Card's ban on purchasing cryptocurrencies. While neither Apple nor Goldman Sachs have commented on this restriction, this is not the first time a credit card provider bans the purchase of cryptocurrency such as Bitcoin.

According to the Apple Card Customer Agreement, additional cardholders won’t be an option, meaning if you want Apple Card, you’ll have to individually apply and be approved for it on your own iPhone. Another interesting detail is a warning about jailbreaking. If your device has been tampered with, or "jailbroken," you could lose access to your account or Goldman Sachs could even shut it down.

As more information continues to emerge, head here for everything we know about the Apple Card so far.

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