apple iphone 11 upgraded features
Getty Images / Tomohiro Ohsumi

With Apple readying a reported three new iPhone models this year, Bloomberg reports that, although they’ll look similar in appearance to Apple’s current smartphones, the new handsets will include a bunch of sick upgraded features.

The iPhone 11 XS, XS Max, and XR (names still to be confirmed) are still in development under code names at Apple. According to early reports, the new models will feature the new A13 processor, boosting performance and increasing battery life.

According to Bloomberg’s report, the new iPhone XR will gain a second camera on the rear, while the XS and XS Max are set to gain a third. This third camera will boast a wide-angle lens that can produce larger, more detailed photos and will offer a broader zoom range. Apple is also said to be working on an autocorrect feature that will fit people back into an image if they’ve been cut out accidentally.

The XS and XS Max handsets are reported to be half a millimeter thicker than their predecessors and their cameras will be contained within a square on the rear’s top left. According to Bloomberg tech reporter Mark Gurman, the lens formation will look something like this:

Additionally, all three models will have reverse wireless charging, allowing users to charge compatible devices by stacking them on the back of the phone — a feature already included in Samsung and Huawei phones.

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