Apple's newest emoji says a lot about the current state of the world. Coming with iOS 14.2 is an update to the mask emoji, which has become one of the most used characters during the coronavirus outbreak. Now, the mask emoji will include a smile beneath the face covering.

For much of the world, wearing a mask has become an everyday thing due to the spread of COVID-19. Since a mask no longer implies that someone is sick, Apple is aiming to further normalize face shields by adding a smile to the mask emoji. The new emoji simply replaces the downturned eyes of the old mask emoji with eyebrows and blushing cheeks, ultimately implementing the existing smiling face emoji underneath the mask.

"This subtle change to 😷 Face with Medical Mask appears to carry the most weight, in the sense that mask wearing has become a somewhat political act in the United States," Emojipedia said. "It's a very 2020 emoji update."

You'll be able to use the new and improved mask emoji when iOS 14.2 releases to the public. It is currently in beta, with a launch date projected for October or November.

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