In celebration of World Emoji Day, Apple has shared a preview of the new emojis coming to iPhones, iPads, and Macs later this year. Included in the upcoming assortment are the previously previewed "Cry Smile" and "Fisting" emojis, officially referred to as Smiling Face with Tear and Pinched Fingers, respectively.

Apple is also releasing 55 gender and skin-tone variations with the Emoji 13 update, including new gender-inclusive emojis, although only select emojis have been officially revealed thus far. You can look forward to 117 emojis — in total — coming to devices later this year.

The new emojis will likely arrive in the fall with the iOS 14 update. You can see a list of confirmed emojis below and get a closer look over at Emojipedia.

- Dodo - Nesting Dolls - Piñata - Tamale - Pinched Fingers - Boomerang - Ninja - Coin - Anatomical Heart - Beaver - Transgender Symbol - Bubble Tea - Lungs

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