A$AP Rocky has opened up about returning to Sweden and his plans to help immigrants in the county. "When I was in Sweden I met so many people like myself," Rocky told TMZ. “All those immigrants didn’t really have the kind of support that they needed.”

“These people come from countries where they don’t have help," Rocky continued. "Sweden, they take in immigrants and I just felt like I wanted to give back.”

Rocky also acknowledged that his celebrity status put him in a privileged position while incarcerated. "Me, being, a celebrity, I had worldwide coverage and the American embassy behind me," he said, "some people sit there for ten months to two years without seeing a judge."

However, Rocky feels like returning to Sweden is a "brave" move. "They don’t want us to go back. They want us to be scared to go over there," he said. Watch his interview below.

Rocky is set to perform in Stockholm this December and will donate money from his show to FARR, a network of non-profits supporting refugees and asylum-seekers in Sweden.

Rocky's plans of giving back don't stop here, however. Recently, the rapper revealed that he's working on designing uniforms for the same jail he was in.

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