The signs were all there, Rihanna's tonal outfit, our sage shopping guide, Palm Angel's SS21 drop: green is the color of spring. And Audemars Piguet's latest offering just took it one step further.

As part of its recently launched 2021 collection of green-themed versions of some of the brand's most beloved watches, the Swiss watchmaker has announced the first-ever platinum Royal Oak "Jumbo" with a green sunburst dial. True watch-heads will note that this colorful reinterpretation of the dial comes in lieu of the brand’s typical waffle-pattern tapissserie dial. However, the stunning design suggests even purists will be able to embrace this new color scheme.

While AP has never shied away from colorful dials, the deep green is a decidedly less sporty take on the Royal Oak. This is thanks to a subtle color story that sees the striking green burst in the middle of the dial fade in a smoked gradient to a much darker tone at the dial's edge.

The dial is framed in watchmaking’s elite alloy, platinum. And while this could be a weighty proposition, the Jumbo’s slim profile of 39 mm by 8.1 mm counterbalances the heft – it isn't dubbed the "Extra Thin" for no reason. But don't be fooled, even though this is a sleek and simple design, it packs engineering. Audemars Piguet treats us to peer through that display case back to catch a glimpse of a solid-gold winding rotor.

Sticking with the color theme, Audemars Piguet is sure to have people green with envy by limiting the watch to only 100 pieces. And even if you get your hands on one of these rare specimens you'll have to drop an eye-watering $105,400. The Royal Oak "Jumbo" with a green sunburst dial will be available at Audemars Piguet starting this month.

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