Picture this: You're in the grocery store, the cashier is done scanning your items and asks, "Do you need a bag with this?"

"No, thanks," you reply, whipping out your $325 Balenciaga grocery bag for all of Aldi to see.

This capitalistic fantasy could well become a reality thanks to Balenciaga's latest ridiculously overpriced item: the Expandable Grocery Shopper Bag. Aka a foldable nylon bag that's probably no different from the bags you already lug your groceries in every time.

What distinguishes this shopper from the pack though, as always, is the all-caps Balenciaga logo printed across the front. Arriving in tartan, black, and red, the tiny pouch with a hook unzips and can be unraveled into a lightweight carrier.

Sans the famous logo, the bag is also noteworthy for being 100% recycled. The reusable bag goes hand in hand with Balenciaga's ongoing commitment to be more sustainable.

In a press release, the brand shared, "The bag's collapsible design and all-purpose clasp make it conveniently transportable, making it easy to always have on-hand to use instead of disposable carriers. It becomes wallet-sized when folded and zipped into a round pouch and can hook onto almost any strap or loop. The intent of the Balenciaga Grocery Shopper is to help reduce single-use plastic."

And to be fair, Balenciaga's got a point. If you spent $325 on a grocery bag, best believe you will always have it on hand, so even those impromptu grocery runs won't have you bagless and reluctantly grabbing plastic bags at the register.

If you're so inclined, the Balenciaga Grocery Shopper is now available online and in a selection of stores worldwide.

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