Balenciaga has won fashion week. Seriously. Nothing quite says making a statement like enlisting the cast of The Simpsons to model part of your collection, and that’s what the French luxury house did to take the win this season.

While the animated short and the casting alone were headline-worthy enough, we once again find ourselves eyeballing a neck-breaking lineup of footwear. Demna certainly has a knack for polarizing footwear, and each season things get crazier and crazier.

There was a time when the Triple S was the wildest sneaker on the market thanks to its quadruple-stacked sole unit and an extremely bulky build, but the likes of the heeled X-Pander and Track Hike pushed the boundaries even further. Fast forward to Spring/Summer 2022, and these earlier entrants would probably be considered tame by Balenciaga’s standards.

On the chance that you’re an off-duty clown, Summer 2022 has the perfect mule-meets-school shoe to fill that void in your wardrobe. In summary? Sub-optimal for a kick-about.

Part of Demna’s vision for Summer 2022 seems like an ode to Tinman, as he repurposes his feet as an ultra-futuristic dress shoe. Practicality once again is likely on the back foot here, but they’re pretty slick. This silhouette appears in a range of colors, appearing several times in the brand’s signature black, but with a shoe like this, the bolder, the better.

High heels are having a moment right now. An elongated toe is a recurring theme throughout the collection’s lineup of heels, and I can’t help but imagine what their lock-picking capabilities might be.

If the first round of Balenciaga Crocs left you wanting me more, you’re in luck. The unorthodox collaboration return for Summer 2022, and they’re much, much bigger and tougher.

Appropriately, the Balenciaga's new clogs are called "Hard Crocs." This time around, the aesthetic is super grungy – complete with boilerplate and stud details. These are like the brightly colored Crocs’ older, cooler cousin.

As usual, Balenciaga has left us wondering what it could possibly do next. Following the recent Fortnite collab, and the Gucci of it all, it seems like Demna truly knows no bounds.

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