After recently announcing the launch of his homeware brand, Gross Domestic Product, Banksy's coinciding online store is now open.

As previously noted in an Instagram post, the showroom for the GDP store is only for display purposes, as physical doors will not open. You can, however, purchase items online from the web shop.

Banksy has decided to open the GDP shop because a greeting card company is attempting to seize legal custody of the name "Banksy." He has in turn been told to sell his own branded merchandise in hopes of preventing his name from being taken.

All GDP items are handmade in the UK from existing or recycled materials. Prices start at approximately $12.

The Gross Domestic Product store runs on a registration system. You have an allotted amount of time to register to buy a particular item. Customers are then selected at random and allowed to purchase the product within seven working days.

Head here to shop Banksy's GPD items now.

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