After just getting a look at his “Street Artist in Venice” video, a new mural by Banksy has surfaced in Venice. According to Italian paper Artribune, the piece was initially spotted earlier this month, however, as the famed street artist has since claimed the work to be his own.

Located in Venice’s Dorsoduro district, the stenciled mural depicts a young migrant child wearing a life jacket and holding a pink flare. Similar to Banksy’s aforementioned “Street Artist in Venice” piece, the artwork seemingly calls attention to the global refugee crisis.

Banksy has referenced global immigrants on numerous occasion throughout his career. In addition to his two recent works surrounding this year’s Venice Biennale art festival, he spray-painted a portrait of Steve Jobs holding an original Apple computer and a black garbage bag in the Calais refugee camp in 2015. Jobs was the son of a Syrian migrant.

As it stands, Banksy has yet to address his poignant new artwork in Venice.

Not NYC, not LA.