BAPE fans based in Japan who still haven't finished holiday shopping for younger family members may just have been dealt a get out of jail free card with the news that a pair of Baby Milo pop-up locations will open their doors in Tokyo next week.

Based in the BAPE Shibuya and Harajuku locations, the stores will be open from December 17 before, according to a press release, possibly being rolled out to a wider sale online. The Baby Milo range is built around a crew of cuddly animal characters, including the eponymous Milo; a time-traveling monkey who loves to dance and eat bananas.

Items on sale at the locations include keyrings, bags, wallets, small goods, and other assorted accessories. Not only that, but the shopping experience promises to be fully interactive.

Peruse the characters in the gallery above and find out more information about the BAPE Baby Milo range by clicking through here.

Meanwhile, here's the full price list of the heavily anticipated BAPE x Mastermind Japan collection.

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