We're not exactly sure how many BAPE fanatics are also fans of Transformers robots, but given the resurgence of the franchise over the past decade thanks to Michael Bay, we're sure that number shouldn't be too low. Which is why when BAPE announced a collaboration with the age-old fighting robot franchise, we're sure BAPE fans and toy collectors (Bearbrick lovers, we're looking at you) alike got extremely excited for the new figure.

According to BAPE's official site, the newest collaboration figure will be one of "premium" construction and a "high quality" rendition - and if that wasn't enough already, the model will be Optimus Prime himself. The new figure will additionally feature BAPE's classic black camo print and Ape head on the shoulder.

Unfortunately, however, it appears as though the toy will only be available in Japan through raffles. If you do happen to be in Japan, be sure to contact your local store to see if they're stocked. Retail is set at approximately $150 USD.

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