batwoman first trailer Ruby Rose

After getting an early look at Ruby Rose‘s Batwoman late last year, The CW now shares the first trailer for its much-anticipated new show.

In Batwoman Rose plays Kate Kane, as she eventually becomes Gotham’s newest hero, Batwoman, following Batman’s exit. The story begins as Kate finds herself dishonorably discharged from military school for being an out lesbian. Upon returning home to Gotham, she discovers that crime is at an all-time high, largely due to the absence of the city’s former enforcer, Batman. When Kate’s ex-girlfriend, Sophie Moore (played by Meagan Tandy) — who is also the best officer in Kate’s father’s private security firm — is kidnapped, she then realizes it is up to her to go up against the Alice in Wonderland Gang and their leader Alice (Rachel Skarsten) to save her.

Kate stumbles upon the Batman suit while exploring her cousin Bruce Wayne’s office, after ultimately making her way down to the abandoned Batcave. There, she teams up with Luke Fox (Camrus Johnson), the son of Wayne Enterprises’ Lucius Fox, to make the suit her own.

Dougray Scott, Elizabeth Anweis, and Nicole Kang also feature in Batwoman, which is executive produced by Greg Berlanti and showrunner Caroline Dries, alongside Geoff Johns and Sarah Schechter. The show begins airing on The CW on Sundays this fall.

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