Beboe has become one of the leading luxury cannabis brands, with a sophisticated line of high-quality products that are as good as their packaging looks. Back in April, the company branched out into skincare with Beboe Therapies, launching a high-potency CBD face serum and sheet mask.

"Expanding into skincare was a natural progression for the brand," co-founder Scott Campbell told PR Newswire. "For us, it all comes back to a love and admiration for the plant. The benefits of CBD are highly regarded, and we believe in nourishment from the inside out. Everything we do is with the utmost attention to detail. We've spent the past year developing this line in a way that meets our quality standards."

Containing 300mg of full-spectrum, hemp-derived CBD and nine other natural plant actives, the face oil helps to reduce blemishes and fine lines, as well as repair the skin's elasticity, reduce inflammation, and increase collagen production. Each sheet mask has 50mg of hemp-derived CBD along with plant-extracted AHAs, vitamins C and E, aloe, glycerin, algae, ceramides, and niacinamide.

The serum is priced at $148, while the face masks come in a pack of five for $78. For more information, visit the Beboe Therapies website.

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