In its short history Bentgablenits has become one of those brands that enters the scene out of nowhere and immediately gets picked up by influential cultural insiders like Drake. It might take a while to hear their name again but when you do, you decide to see what all the fuss is about only to find out that it’s already nearly impossible to buy a piece outside of resell platforms.

This nearly spotless track record can be attributed to the creative trio behind Bentgablenits: Bent Gable Design and vintage fashion collector Angelo Nitsopoulos, who we profiled here. Together they’ve managed to identify and create just what it is that today’s style-savvy consumer wants: a recognizable combination of familiarity, lucky thrift-store find, TLC, and plain old imagination.

The result is a brand that churns out products on its own timeline — no seasonal runway show to spends months planning, no weekly drops to stick to, no investors to please —and on its own terms. If you’re lucky enough to be scrolling through Instagram when a new run of products drop you may just get the chance to cop. A more reliable way is to subscribe to their newsletter. Either way, you’re not guaranteed anything.

To learn how Bent Gable Design and Nitsopoulos managed to get so far so fast, we met up with the trio at their workspace in Toronto, Canada. Watch the video in full above.

Bentgablenits’ next drop is tomorrow, November 12, at bentgablenits.com.

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