While summer can be a good time to experiment with color combinations and palettes, it’s also an opportunity to reconnect with nature as the trees bloom and we spend more of our time outside. For SS19, this sentiment is being reflected in fashion more than ever, with earthy hues of green and brown utilized across the board in new, supremely stylish ways.

These nature-mirroring colors make for dope wardrobe additions year-round, but with brands such as Our Legacy, AMBUSH, and Christopher Raeburn using the shades in much of their current output, now’s a better time than ever to be incorporating some outdoor vibes into your wardrobe.

And so, below we’ve gathered our earth-tone highlights that are now available online. Included are earthy pieces from OG brands, such as Carhartt WIP‘s brown pouch and Stüssy‘s olive green velour top, along with more luxe offerings including a green layered tee and matching pants by Christopher Raeburn, an olive military vest care of Nilmance, and Prada’s latest Cloudbust sneakers in a dark brown colorway.

For more shopping inspiration, view our favorite earth-toned pieces below.


American Script Sweatshirt

Carhartt WIP


Velour Zip Mock



Long-Sleeve Shirt

Our Legacy


Nylon Military System Vest



Layered Hoodie

Maison Margiela


Checked Button-Down Shirt

Wacko Maria


Airbreak T-shirt

Christopher Raeburn


Airbreak Pants

Christopher Raeburn