The Highsnobiety Fall Fit Toolkit is your manual for dressing well this season, from wellies to weather-ready running gear.

Fall presents the best opportunity to show off what your wardrobe is made off. And with way more opportunities to layer up, smash the seasonal color palette, and stack accessories, there’s way more competition when it comes to picking the right pieces. With us all getting more and more used to spending time at home even when it’s the height of summer outside, it’s safe to assume that fall will be a similar situation, so Highsnobiety editors assembled to decide on the best pajamas to see you through fall and winter.

From long johns to formal sets, there’s a set for every sleepwear style, and even beyond the bedroom. Some of these selections are viable, if not even recommended outdoor wear, too. Let’s be honest, if there’s ever been an era in which it’s acceptable to wear pajamas outside, it’s 2020. We recommend taking full advantage of this opportunity, and if anyone questions it, say Highsnobiety sent you.

Browse Highsnobiety-approved pajamas for fall below.

The Short Suit (Christopher Morency, Editorial Director)

Home Suit Short

Home Suit Short



Buy at CDLP

"That song that keeps following you, the one you keep hearing at dive bars, on your home radio, and now at your friend's house, is called La Ritournelle by French singer-songwriter Sébastian Tellier, who in his spare time after writing tunes that make you rethink life, happens to be the best-dressed man in Paris. Now you know this, it explains why he's been popping up on your feed. Pre-COVID he sat front row at Chanel, later starring in its sunglasses campaign. Most recently, the 45-year old featured in a brand new 'Home' collection photoshoot for Swedish underwear label CDLP. WFH, the tailored-casual way. My favorite is their navy blue short 'home suit' made from lustrous woven lyocell (a fabric made from wood pulp)."

The Classic Set (Thom Bettridge, Editor-in-Chief)

Wrinkle Resist Oxford Pajamas

Wrinkle Resist Oxford Pajamas


Brooks Brothers

Buy at Brooks Brothers

"There’s no way to feel like a million bucks for under a hundred than copping a pair of Brooks Brothers crisp Oxford cloth PJs. And with the menswear brand facing new ownership and serious economic uncertainty, it might be worth stocking up. Embarrassingly enough, in my college years I could very often be caught wearing these at the club, quad, or classroom under a camel coat I stole from my father’s closet. I only say “embarrassingly” because today with my Dad-bod and COVID hair, rocking this look in public would either get me institutionalized or mistaken for Julian Schnabel."

The Bold Print (Haley Culp, Assistant Fashion Editor)

Pyjama Trousers

Pyjama Trousers


Desmond & Dempsey

Buy at Desmond & Dempsey

"I love a good all-over Desmond and Dempseys print set. Brands are more inclined to play with print for pajamas and that's why you'll see me wearing PJs to the function this fall."

The Long Johns (Noah Thomas, Assistant Editor)

Logo Waistband Long Johns

Logo Waistband Long Johns


Tom Ford

Under-26s Get 10% Off

Under-26s Get 10% Off

Buy at Farfetch
Crewneck T-Shirt

Crewneck T-Shirt



Buy at Hanes

"These Tom Ford long johns are the perfect way to have a stylish sleeping moment this fall/winter. These will keep you cozy while under your throw trying to escape the cold. They will also help you escape that cold rush you get the minute you leave the covers. Up top, a pack of Hanes tees is all you need."

The Striped Set (Herbert Hoffman, Creative Director)




Tekla Fabrics

Buy at TEKLA

"I'm in love with this classic Pyjama from Tekla with brown and blue stripes. With a pair of leather loafers or high heels, you can actually wear it to go to dinner too."

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