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As reported by New York Magazine, Billy McFarland of Fyre Festival infamy is self-publishing his memoir, the creatively-spelled Promythus: God of Fyre, from prison, where he is currently serving six years for fraud.

The book will cover McFarland’s life from 2011 up to when he was visited by the FBI in the days after the festival mess. It will tell the “raw” story, which he feels was not accurately represented in either Netflix or Hulu’s documentaries, despite not having seen them.

This information comes from Josh Raab, a freelance editor who was contacted by McFarland’s girlfriend, Anastasia Eremenko, about editing the book. McFarland handwrites the pages, which will be about 800 in total once he’s done, and mails them to Eremenko for her to type.

Raab eventually turned down the project, but before he declined, he was connected with Brandon Rubinshtein, a publicist who also represents Dennis Rodman. Rubinshtein had a list of name-dropping stories that would be included in the memoir, including “actors, models, musicians, people who are only famous because their parents are, and cameos from members of the Trump administration.”

Now, Billy McFarland has set his sights on self-publishing Promythus: God of Fyre via Amazon. Raab said the planned release date was the end of April, but at time of writing the book is still unreleased.

For the full story, head over to New York Magazine.

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