McDonald's barbecue-flavored pork sandwich, the McRib, is one of the most coveted fast food items year in and year out, albeit being released periodically. The Simpsons, who have made fun of the mammoth fast food chain on many occasions, once created their own take on the McRib with the Ribwich. Subsequently, Binging With Babish is back with his latest pop culture food parody, showing us all how to make the Ribwich from The Simpsons.

Admittedly, Babish's Ribwich is more so a tribute to the food from the show than an actual copy of The Simpsons' recipe. From dry rub to wet rub and a homemade barbecue sauce, Babish takes us step by step through the making of his rib sandwich.

After watching the chef craft his Ribwich, you can then make your own by following Babish's recipe here. Better than the McRib? Let us know in the comments if you happen to try it out.

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